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The Silver Eagle Locksmith – Best in Las Vegas

Whenever you’re locked out of your house, the first thing that comes to your mind is where and how to get a locksmith. A locksmith is a professional who is experienced in the field of locks. Whether they’re on your doors, cars, windows, or even your safe – anything with a lock on it can prompt the need of a good locksmith.

Locksmiths can be called on for repairing, installing and adjusting your locks on anything you own. Apart from this, locksmiths can help you when you have been locked out of your house, forgot the car keys inside your car and can even offer security consultation services.

At Silver Eagle Locksmith, we vow to provide you with all this and more. Our team of trained professionals are available at your service 24/7 and will help you out with all sorts of problems you might be experiencing with your locks and security tools. We have expert knowledge in fabricating and duplicating keys, changing lock combinations, and of course, bypassing all sorts of locks with proper authorization. Silver Eagle Locksmiths have been working for both, residential and commercial clients as well as industrial establishment which need high levels of physical security in order to protect their plants from any unauthorized entry.

Services Provided by Silver Eagle Locksmith

A common misconception about locksmiths is that they only need to be called out when you need lock-picking to be done. Definitely, this is their main domain but at Silver Eagle Locksmith we also provide you with the following services:

Key cutting

We can easily cut out keys for all sorts of locks whether they are for padlocks, your back door, the garage or even a cabinet.

Doors and windows locks

This is the most common service provided by locksmiths – opening the locks on windows and doors. We can supply you with new locks, install better locks with higher security and even repair your current door and window locks for more effectiveness.

Security safe services

Safes may seem unbreakable and difficult to bypass. But if you have forgotten the combination to your safe, we can easily open it, repair it and even install a larger vault for extra security.

Auto locksmith

Auto locksmith services are for when you lock your keys in the car, repairing car key fobs, programming remote car keys or transponder keys or simply provide you a new key set for your vehicle.

Access control

We can also help to supply, suggest and install an electronic access control system so that you won’t have to worry about losing your keys, ever again.

24 hour emergency services

You can be locked out at any hour of the day and we understand the need for our services should not be limited to a specific time. This is why we have 24/7 locksmith services available to you.

Our Reputation

Silver Eagle is famous throughout Las Vegas for our superior services provided after just one call. We pride ourselves in being available to you whenever you need us and this has helped our reputation grow tenfold. If you want proof, you can visit and check out our 105 ratings – all with 5 star reviews ever since 2012! These ratings have helped us gain more and more customers over the years.

Silver Eagle YouTube Channel

If you want further information about our services or even about locksmiths in general, you can visit our YouTube Channel “Silver Eagle Locksmith”. Our page is continuously and frequently updated with loads of tips and tricks regarding your locks, how to preserve them and even how to install DIY lock kits. You probably never knew how much details and considerations you need to make when choosing a lock or trying to bypass one. And this information is not at all boring. On the contrary, for those interested, our YouTube channel can keep individuals hooked on for hours.

The frequent updates will tell you all about our locksmith tricks and tips, along with video tutorials on how you can help yourself out when dealing with locks.

Duties and Responsibilities

At Silver Eagle Locksmiths, we take our job very seriously and there are certain duties and responsibilities instilled in each one of our locksmiths:

  • Repair all the damages in windows and locks and if replacement is necessary, inform the owner immediately and set up an appointment for replacement.
  • Check hinges, electronic systems, screws and smoothness of each and every locking mechanism.
  • Examine the locking system thoroughly and fabricate each key perfectly in order to replace any lost or damaged keys.
  • Insert new pins into a lockset when clients wish to change their lock combinations and to assist all the clients in unlocking their doors in case of lost keys.
  • Designing and creating a master key in case of dealing with clients from power plants, banks, manufacturing plants, apartment complexes and warehouses.
  • Repairing and installing any electronic security devices or electric strikes
  • Duplicate keys for multiple residencies and commercial uses.
  • Open up safes whose combinations are unknown along with changing, replacing and repairing locks on the safe.
  • And most important of all, making sure each and every customer is fully satisfied with our services before leaving the customers house

Whenever you require our services when you have a problem with your locks or security system, be sure to give Silver Eagle Locksmith a call. We cater to Las Vegas and all the surrounding areas. You will not be disappointed, and that’s a guarantee! To contact us for more information regarding our company and our services you can call on (702) 539 9581 or send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible, if not immediately!


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Locksmith Services BBS Berlin Will Help To Improve Your Home Security

Locksmith Services BBS Berlin Will Help To Improve Your Home SecurityDo you need help to replace their lost key? Do you need to open soon a lock or perhaps replace a lock in your home? For all these services of metalwork, among many others, contact by phone with Multi Locksmith Berlin, and we will send you an immediate expert locksmith to replace the ignition key or to open the door of your vehicle, to make a duplicate of keys to your house and much more: we will go to wherever you are!

BBS Locksmith Berlin and partners, offer a wide range of services of locks and keys, as duplicates of key, programming of transponder key, installation of security locks and much more.

In BBS Locksmith Berlin, DE and partners, we have at your disposal locksmiths trusted for emergency, who offer services of locksmith 24 hours, in the entire area of Berlin, Germany.

Schlüsseldienst Berlin BBS can also send a technician for this help to solve any kind of emergency, whether in your business, in your home or in your car in Berlin, even warning us with short notice. Just call us at 030-555 735 199 and in less than 30 minutes a locksmith highly trained will be with you.

Locksmith services available in all Berlin:

  • Locksmith 24 hours

  • Refitting of keys and locks

  • Cut and duplicate keys

  • Programming of TRANSPONDER KEY

  • system of security cameras (CCTV system)

  • Master Key

  • Installation of high security locks

  • Installation of Master Lock

  • Opening the doors of the vehicle and cajuelas

  • Refitting the ignition key of the auto

  • Opening and repair of safes

  • readjust a master key

  • Lock of vehicles

  • Locking Doors And Repair keys

  • Programming of the vehicle key

  • Emergency Services

  • Mobile Services

  • High security locks

So if you ever find yourself in the Need to hire the services of locksmith commercial, residential or for your vehicle, you can rely on Schlüsseldienst Berlin. Our technicians can repair broken keys or replace lost keys at any time of the day or night. All are licensed, guarantee and insurance, and are available in a number of places. Are highly qualified and possess the most sophisticated tools and for any emergency locksmith service Locksmith Berlin and partners will be able to serve you.

Even if it were not an emergency, while you are simply interested in improving the security of your home or office through use of surveillance through CCTV (security cameras), the installation of high-security locks, purchase of safes, or if you already have your vault and need repair or unlock, call Schlüsseldienst Berlin BBS at 030-555 735 199.

Important clarification: Our address in Berlin is merely an email address. We do not possess shops for retail sales; this address is where we receive our mail.

Save well our phone number: Schlüsseldienst Berlin BBS 24 hours 030-555 735 199. You because you never know when it will be necessary!

Home Automation for Protection

Home Security for Home Protection

Security of the house is important consideration when build a house. House should be the most save place then applying security system in the house is important. How do you feel when you come home from your long day works and see your family smiling at you in good condition, you must feel very happy. You cannot look after you house and your family while you have to go to the office to have the work. Then the best solution to look after your house especially your family from the crime while you go out is installing home security systems in all corner of your house.

Before you choose the best home security system for your house, first you have to know about the home security system review to know the specification and features that appear in the security system you will buy. There are many companies that offer the security system and may lead you to the confusion to choose the best one for your house. Do little research from the internet may be very helpful or asking for suggestion from your friends or family can be a great ideas. When choosing home security systems, you will find the major feature in there includes alarm sensor, control panels, and also detector in the home security system. There are also some additional features that can be found in the home security system to add extra protection.

There are many advantages for using home security system to your house. The first and the most important is to give protection for the house from the crime because in the house we keep our valuable things and we cannot keep eye on them everyday while we go out. It will allow you to access your house trough remotely monitor with modern technologies via camera installed in the house whether to see the house condition or keep an eye for your children home. It give you notify for the fire or gas problem so you can save your family immediately. There are many advantages you can get from getting a home security system in your house as protection solution.

When you will get a security system for your house then you can choose home security. You can do little research for alarm reviews and get advantages of this security system to you house and get the best protection for your home and your family. You will get various features for your home security includes basic security systems such alarm sensor, control panel, detector, wireless keypad, glass break detector, smoke detector, medical pendant, pan and tilt video camera, and many more as comprehensive security features. All these features integrated with high technology system so you will get easy access to use them trough your gadget. You will find that the installation is free and the price for all the security system is match with the technologies and protection you will get. The skillful staff will come your home and install it for you.

Essentials for Window Security


Windows being wide open these days are vulnerable to forced entry. Often burglars target the windows of a house since these are less protected than doors. Hence, it’s equally important to protect the windows, so that your house is secured from every aspect.

Here, I mentioned that some solutions that I got when I talk with locksmiths in Madison, MS about some of the essentials of window security, which you can incorporate now only.

1. Framed locks- Using framed locks for wooden windows can give it a comprehensive security. It secures the frames together as well as the handle and the stay bar. But the lock has to be chosen carefully depending on the type of window.

2. Clamped lock- Clamped locks are ideal for aluminum windows. These can provide amazing security to the handle. In case, there’s a sliding or horizontal space, a key operated clamp lock offered enhanced security. However, the clamp lock has to be placed in the bottom rail of the frame.

3. Double glazed locking: Double glazed locking offers perfect security and can be fitted anytime by the manufacturer. On the other hand avoid UPVC windows as it’s difficult to retrofit any extra locks in UPVC windows.

4. Install slats properly: When you are installing slats avoid using the Louvre windows. It should be placed with epoxy resin, but with the latest advanced windows, slats are easy to be placed. Also, use internal beading prevent the glass being stolen from outside.

5. Bars and grilles: Using bars and grilles in the domestic area keeps your secured. Though unlikely, a lot of people are using these to protect their windows as well as the property. For the bungalows, this is indeed a great way to keep away from the burglars. This way, you will be able to keep your windows wide open, without worrying about the security. However, get these installed by an expert.

So, wait no more. Incorporate these techniques now to ensure a top-notch windows security. You can also talk to your locksmith and home security expert near you to get these installed to enhance security level.

How to Replace a Deadbolt Lock?


A deadbolt lock is considered far more secured than the ordinary lock because the weight of these locks is more than the conventional locks. Hence it’s difficult for the burglars to break into a deadbolt lock. Replacing a deadbolt lock requires several considerations and here’s a guide for you from expert locksmiths from Fort Wayne, IN.

Step 1

Deadbolt installation starts with the drilling of two holes in the door. Make sure than one hole reaches the edge of the door which can effortlessly reach out the lock assembly. The other hole goes in the face of the door. These holes accommodate the lock cylinder. A new hole also needs to be drilled into the door jamb to place the strike plate. The deadbolt locks are packed with paper templates, which you can tape onto the door and the jamb, which helps in placing the holes correctly. Now, when the lock mechanisms are assembled together, the door and the strike plate are attached to the jamb, by means of extra-long screws.

Step 2

Getting a new deadbolt is important every time you replace and install the locks. Do not use the old material for reinstallation. But, make sure that its key is exactly matching your existing entry lock. As licensed locksmith can perform this job well, so always hire a licensed provider. All you need to do is to provide him a copy of the existing key. But, sometimes, you also need to change the entire entry lock set before the new installation.

Step 3

The step 3 is about the exception. Many people avoid installing double-keyed deadbolts. These keys do not have a latch inside and hence offered less security. Moreover, a key without a latch inside are difficult to open if they are jammed. Thus, in case f emergencies, serious problems can crop up. In case there’s a glass panel in your door use a laminated safety glass for enhanced security. Alternatively, you can use polycarbonate plastic.

This three-step guide will help you get the best installation of your deadbolt lock. If you met with any complication then you must ask a verified locksmith near you. If you are in New Haven then you can contact 24/7 Fort Wayne Locksmith, a trusted locksmith for New Haven and Fort Wayne, IN.