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Why Should You Always Use Qualified Pest Control Services?

Every single homeowner out there eventually needs to get some pest control work done on their property. It can be inside the home or outside the home. No matter the case and what you have to deal with, getting the best pest control in Washington will make everything much better than when you do the work alone. You can deal with large pests like rats or really small ones like ants. In all cases professional pest control service providers will solve the problems in a way that you cannot.

Why Hire Professionals?

The competent pest control service will have the necessary knowledge to resolve and prevent infestation issues. During emergency situations they will be much more likely to deal with everything fast. Pest controllers will easily determine what pests are present, how much damage was done and what the very best solution is. You even receive advice to eradicate the problem and prevent it in the future.

Main Advantages Associated With Pest Control Services

There are various things that can be done. However, some are more important than others. In many cases you will be faced with pests that cannot be identified. You see the damage that is done and you do not know what caused it. The specialists will normally be able to determine what pest they have to deal with as soon as they see the damage. That means that removing them is so much faster.

Another advantage we have to highlight is that pests sometimes cannot be removed because the nest is not found. Pest control specialists will normally be able to easily identify the nests of the pests so they can be removed forever.

Hiring pest control specialists guarantees that pests will be removed and that the methods used will not be dangerous for humans. In many cases we see people that are simply going to use chemical products in order to get rid of the pests. This can be dangerous. Humans can be negatively affected by the chemicals that are used.


While all the advantages associated with using pest controllers are important, choosing the very best pest remover is not as easy as it may sound at first glance. It is actually a pretty bad idea to hire the first pest control service you find on the internet. What is important is choosing those that are the very best based on factors of a high importance.

Make sure that you are going to hire someone with knowledge and experience and that you do not just remain focused on how much you are going to pay. This is one of the worst mistakes you could make. Compare the services offered based on the reviews that are written by past clients. Also, no matter what you are told, be sure that absolutely all licenses and certifications are in place. That will help you to avoid those that do not actually offer a guarantee that pest removal will be done in a completely proper way.


Things you’ll need to do to bring an investment property up to date

If you have just gotten into investment real estate, you might not be aware of the multitude of things that are necessary to bring a property to the point where it can be rented to new tenants.

While the points raised in this article are just a short list of the things that you should consider, they are some of the most important things that you should think about when cleaning up your brand new investment property.

1) Find and eradicate all pests

Termites, ants, bedbugs: any landlord looking to make their investment property suitable for tenants needs to go through the home that they have purchased and eradicate any and all pests that they can find.

Whether you are doing pest control in Oregon or in Florida, there are a wide variety of insects, rodents, and other problem animals that you’ll need to expel from the walls, attics, and crawl spaces to ensure the health and safety of anyone living in your home.

By hiring a professional to do a sweep, they will determine if any pests are present, and will take the necessary corrective action to remedy any issues found.

2) Re-paint the interior walls

While you might not want to spend a lot of money fixing up your new investment property, you can make a big impression on potential tenants by simply updating the interior walls with a fresh coat of paint.

By reading up on trends and learning about the colors that high quality residents are looking for, you’ll be able to pick up paint that will allow you to charge more for your investment property.

3) Clean up the front and back yard

After picking up an investment property from another landlord, the condition of the front and back yard might be in less than optimal shape.

You can either cart over your lawn mower and weed wacker and spend a full day sprucing the property up yourself, or if you are too busy, a ground maintenance company can do this sweaty job instead.

Planting some attractive flowers along the front of the property makes for an excellent finishing touch, as this will give the impression of a property owner that has pride in the home or apartment complex that they are managing.

4) Lay down new flooring

If you have acquired your new property from a former landlord, chances are good that the flooring that you will be inheriting will be in rough shape.

Many tenants are not well-versed on the nuances of proper carpet or flooring care, as they often do haphazard cleanups whenever things like food, drink, or pet accidents soil these surfaces.

As such, it may be necessary to pull up what currently exists and to lay down a surface that is tough and easy to clean.

Vinyl tile or laminate flooring fits this profile perfectly, but be sure to research all the options available to you.

Rodent Control Los Angeles | Rodents Stop | (818)583-7287

Rodent ControlRodents Stop Los Angeles Rodent Control Experts Helping You Solve All Your Rodent Control Issues in All of Los Angeles. Call Us Today.

Rodents Stop is your one-way guide to a rodent free zone. Have you found yourself with a uncontrollable rodent issue?

Let us take care of it for you! With decades of experience Rodents Stop is qualified for taking on the job. Our experienced Los Angeles Rodent Control technicians attack infestation from multiple angles such as sealing up entry points, neutralizing rodent pheromones and scent of direction and cleaning up any possible health hazard they have left behind.

Through Rodent Control Los Angeles’ unique treatment, we have been able to eliminate the worst infestations-and it’s the only way we can provide a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

The following are clues to help you detect if you have a rodent problem:

  • Scratching Noises – black rats in particular are climbers, earning them their common name – the roof rat. They can easily gain access into loft spaces and upper floors of buildings, so scratching noises at night may suggest their presence. Brown rats on the other hand, are less proficient climbers and more likely to be detected by a grinding or chattering noise they make with their teeth
  • Footprints – rats leave foot and tail marks in dusty, less-used areas of buildings. Shining a strong flashlight at a low angle should reveal tracks clearly. To establish if an infestation is active, sprinkle fine flour or talc along a small stretch of floor near the footprints and check for fresh tracks the next day.
  • Rub Marks – rats use established routes along skirting boards and walls due to their poor eyesight. Grease and dirt on their bodies leave smudges and dark marks on both objects and surfaces they repeatedly brush against. These marks may indicate rodent activity, but as smears may remain for a long period of time, they are not a good gauge of an active infestation.
  • Rat Holes – brown rats are well known for digging and excavating extensive burrow systems for shelter, food storage and nesting. They build rat burrows next to solid objects or structures (decking, garden sheds, garages etc.) and rat holes are also found in secluded, well vegetated areas such as gardens and wasteland.
  • Rat Nests – not only will they nest in burrows, rat nests can be found in lofts, attics, crawlspaces, under eaves and even in cavity walls. They will shred available materials such as loft insulation, cardboard and other soft items to make nests.

If you have any of these problems you need to contact us as we are the Rodent Control experts in Los Angeles and are glad to provide you a free estimate on our rat control services. We will let you know the extent of the problem, and more importantly-how to solve it for good! We have made it our mission to make homes an anti-rodent fortress, with the use of ABSOLUTELY NO POISONS or TOXIC CHEMICALS. Our solution consists of a one-time treatment backed by a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!! This is something unheard of in this industry, but Rodent Control Los Angeles stands by its guarantee 100%. Call the Rodent Control experts at Rodents Stop today for a free quote (818)583-7287