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How To Take Your Garden To Your New Home – Guides & Tips

If you are a born gardener and soon will be moving to your new home, it’s a big problem for you to move your beloved plants to the new house in a safe and sound state, just like your own children or pets! Plants are delicate and can’t speak out if they are in trouble.

But when they are in trouble and we can’t realize it, they just dry out and ultimately die, which leaves us with a grief that we troubled them to death. Moving can also trouble your dear plants, so you should take due care to move your garden safely to your new home.

How To Take Your Garden To Your New Home

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Take Only Sturdy and Important Plants with You

Uprooting your plants may be harmful for them. Some plants are delicate at the core of it, though they might look quite big and sturdy. Learn from a botanist or at your local public garden about which plants can bear the stress of moving. And then move only those plants which are either sturdy enough to tolerate the moving process or the ones you classify as very important.

Think it in this way – whether at your new home or in the old one, if the plant is growing well, it is happy there, and might become sad and/or damaged in the moving process; so, you should keep it where it is happy and safe. That will be your true love for your plant.

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Make Preparations Well Ahead of Time

You should start the process of choosing plants for transport and preparing for their removal well ahead of time. Don’t underestimate the process of removal of your garden – it’s actually a huge task. You may need a larger vehicle depending upon the number and size of the plants.

Keep your new garden ready for the plants. Dig holes beforehand. Plants can dry up quickly during the move; so, ensure to return them to their new but natural environment as soon as possible.

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Taking Proper Care

Be careful while uprooting plants. Ensure that you dig out the full root in a circular shape along with a large quantity of soil too. Remember also that the plants will need water throughout the travel, as they will be out of soil for a considerably long time which is risky for their health.

Choose larger pots for them to ensure more room. Pack the pots and plants in them neatly so that they won’t have to suffer a lot of shakes and shocks in the travel. Ensure that the soil around the roots remain wet throughout the travel. Sprinkle water on leaves and branches too to keep them hydrated.

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Consider Season

Seasons can play a very important factor in deciding how much your plants would suffer during the journey. Consider a winter season to make a move, as in the cold weather plants tend to retain water and remain fresh.

Take Help of a Professional

For digging up and planting your garden again, you can take help of a professional if you are not sure about how to uproot your plants and replant them. Here are some general rules:

  • Shrubby plants like periwinkle develop plods which can be dug out and cut into a number of rooted sections.
  • Some others like snowberry and lilac develop suckers, i.e. new offshoots, from their roots. These offshoots can be cut from the edge of bush with a sharp spade, keeping a piece of root attached.
  • Several plants like foxgloves and hellebores drop seeds which form new plants.
  • In all these cases, you can dig out the plants and place into soil in pots, ready for a move.

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Increase Your Curb Appeal With Stamped Concrete

When someone visits your home, you want them to be impressed before they even step through the door. As far away as the curb, you want your guests to see that your home is put together. It’s the extra details spent in the average fixture that will sets your house apart from your neighbour’s – like stamped concrete in your driveway and walkway. An artful landscaping design can turn these boring paths into eye-catching decorations.


Concrete is a versatile material that’s cost-effective when you’re redesigning your landscape. It can be manipulated to mimic the look of much more expensive luxury stones like flagstone, slate, and limestone. Or, concrete stampers can imitate the style of interlocking stone and tiles. It can even be used to revitalize previously laid concrete that’s dull and deteriorated. While it duplicates the gorgeous look of natural stone, stamped concrete doesn’t even come close to stone’s extortionate price tag. Concrete is less expensive and the installation is much simpler, requiring less time and labour.

The use of concrete is not only very cost effective, it is an extremely durable product that is low in maintenance. A survey conducted in 2012 by the National Association of Homebuilders states that concrete is the most popular patio material in the country.This is because stamped concrete can be treated with colour-fast and weather-proof proof seals, ensuring that your concrete lasts as long as possible. With minor maintenance, you won’t have to relay concrete for years.

Not only can you stamp your drive and walkway, but patios and pool sides can be aesthetically enhanced as well. Whether entertaining on a concrete stamped surface outdoors or driving and parking on your driveway, these surfaces are not only efficient for using them, they can also add to the resale value of your home. Concrete is easily tinted and formed; it can be stamped or engraved to replicate flagstone, slate or tile.

How a concrete company prepares and installs your concrete should be taken into consideration before you hire a team to improve your curb appeal. In addition to a fair price and extensive portfolio of past jobs, they should gladly show you a history of happy customers. The landscapers at Elite Concrete have a long list of high-ranking reviews that suggest their stamping technique is the best. With their efficient stamping technique, they can quickly transform your property, and their seals ensure that the concrete lasts as long as your need it. To see how quickly you can improve the look of your home, visit the Elite Concrete website.

A stamped concrete driveway with an attached walkway leading to your front door will be all the welcome visitors will need. Stamped to look like expensive flagstone, your guests will be impressed with your landscaping choice. Best of all, you’ll have an amazing looking house without breaking the bank.

Now That It’s Spring, It’s Time To Get Your Lawn Looking Its Best With Automatic Sprinklers

Now that Spring has arrived, it’s time to think about how to get your lawn looking its best. Whether you have a domestic property or a business property, having a beautiful lawn is about more than just feeling good about your space, it also makes your home more profitable because of curb appeal, and likewise, it will make your business more profitable, also because of curb appeal.


While nature is responsible for a lot of how the outdoors looks, you can give it a bit of help and achieve a picture perfect lawn. The best way to achieve a perfect lawn is with a professionally installed automatic sprinkler and irrigation system. If this sounds complicated to you, it’s not! In fact, it will end up saving you valuable time and money in the long run.

The first thing to do is locate a professional lawn care company that installs fully automated sprinkler systems. EZLawn Sprinklers provide expert lawn sprinkler services in Toronto and have been the favorite lawn care professionals servicing Toronto, the GTA, and surrounding areas for 29 years. A lawn care professional will provide a consultation where they will determine what type of system you need. Then you will receive a quick and easy installation and a tutorial of how to use the automated system. After that the sprinkler system will begin to make your lawn beautiful with no more effort required from you.

Automatic sprinkler systems are so advanced they sense if there is too much or not enough moisture present in your lawn and adjust its water schedule accordingly. This eliminates the common lawn care mistakes of overwatering or under watering. Both mistakes result in an ugly brown lawn which is unsightly to potential home buyers or potential customers.

Another essential feature of a professionally installed sprinkler and irrigation system is that the amount of water a lawn needs varies widely due to factors such as inclines or declines, soil type, and exposure to sun and shade. During your consultation, the lawn care professional will take all of these factors and more into the design of your system. So not only will an automated system free up more of your time, it will provide your lawn with a level of care that you can’t achieve on your own and your lawn, your property, your home, your business, and your investment will reap the benefits.