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An introduction to solid wood flooring

Solid wood is a luxurious choice of flooring that many consumers desire having in their home. This coveted item comes in a diverse range of wood species, varying greatly in grain, pattern, strength, colour and cost. If you’re considering investing in solid wooden flooring, check out our guide to see if it’s the perfect match for your home.

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What is solid wood flooring?

Solid wood planks are created from a single strip of solid wood milled straight from the tree that ranges in thickness from 15 to 20mm. Floors and other features such as steps that have their edges displayed can be created using solid wood.

How do I install solid wood planks?

This type of floor can contract and expand in response to the humidity of the surrounding environment. To accommodate this, an expansion gap is needed between the wall and the floor that is concealed by a skirting board. Solid wooden flooring can be screwed, glued or nailed down, depending on the material of the floor below. Look online for more information on how to install your own floor.

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What are the benefits of using solid wood?

This particular type of flooring, such as the options found at, offer great longevity. Floorboards can be sanded and refinished repeatedly over the course of their lifespan, which is usually numerous generations.

Durability can be enhanced by finishing the floor with lacquer or oil corresponding to the amount of traffic that the floor will endure.