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Top 5 Hot Water System Brands

Top 5 Hot Water System Brands

A hot shower system is one of the essential systems that every home ought to have. In case you want a new one for your home, or you think your plumber’s recommendation does not meet your taste, it is wise to do an intensive research so as to make an informed choice. One chooses a perfect water heater system depending on the size, price and the pros and cons of each one. The following review will help you make an informed decision on your next purchase.

1. The electricity storage hot water system

These are also known as cylinders or hot water tanks and have been so famous in the recent past. However, they are phasing out in the market today as they use too much electricity to function. People are going for other types as the cost of electricity is at an all-time high. Its huge power consumption is perhaps its only disadvantage.

2. The Gas storage hot water system

As its name suggest, this water system uses gas instead of electricity to heat up water. The looks are exactly similar to the power storage hot water system, and their selling point is that they are energy efficient as well as their greenhouse gas emission is very small. These can be used anywhere, as they can use either LPG gas or natural gas. On the other side, the installation of gas does not vary too much to that of electricity; however, the installation is a one day task.

3. The solar hot water system

It is widely preferred for its lowest running cost as well as minimum or no greenhouse emissions. Another plus with this system is that they come with booster units to see you through those periods you have to operate without or with minimum sunlight. The downside is that these are too expensive to install as they can cost up to 4 times more than the rest, to install. What’s more, at times its solar system may take several days to fix. To reduce the running cost or not to overwork the booster, one is required to purchase a solar system that has some panels as well as tank storage.

4. The heat pump hot water system

These extracts heat from the surrounding air and use it to heat up water. It stores its hot air in a unique storage system. Despite their high upfront costs, these water systems are known for their efficiency and minimal greenhouse gas emissions. Their flip side, however, is that they contain more moving parts when compared to all other alternatives. This, therefore, means that it would cost you a lot to service them every other time they breakdown. Also, people dislike them because they are noisy and in colder ambient temperatures especially at night, the pump may have to run throughout the night.

5. The continuous gas flow

These have no storage tanks as water gets heated as it passes. Their upfront costs are very lower; only the running cost may be a bit high. When compared with the electric storage one, their greenhouse gas emissions are higher.