Total peace of mind alert: Introducing the Ring Stick up Cam

Society has reached paranoid levels with growing streams of theft and crime. Loosing valuable possessions is a constant fear. And now it is a solution that can be easily mounted away, with a Ring Stick Up Cam.

The innovative gadget is the latest motion detection gadget. It is now possible to receive alerts on your Smartphone each time there is any one that passes a virtual tripwire into your personal space. It does not matter if you nearby or miles away, a two way conversation will be possible. And the intervening person, no matter what the intention may have been, will never be aware that you may be miles away when they trespassed or decided to loiter around your personal space.

Unless the person is an extremely tech savvy intruder, they will naturally assume you are inside the property. The Ring Stick Up Cam is similar to the Ring video doorbell, without a doorbell feature. Both of these hi-tech gadgets capture HD video footage to cloud via WIFI and there is no wiring that is required. The video footage is clearly recorded at any hour of the day or night. Both the Ring Stick Up Cam and Ring doorbell connect directly to Smartphone apps for Android as well as IOS.

The Ring Stick Up Cam and doorbell can record clear video footage, even at night. They connect to Smartphone apps for Android and IOS. They are powered with lithium ion reachable batteries that are built in.

The field of view for the Ring Stick Up Cam is 80 degrees while the doorbell has a 180 degree full view. The Ring Stick Up Cam can be mounted with a socket joint that allows you to angle the camera in whichever way you prefer. The Ring Stick Up Cam offers full flexibility in the any set up.

Imagine being in power to control the unfortunate fate of someone attempting to break into your house, but that is all it will ever be, a failed attempt ,because they will be in full view and the police will already be approaching.

The Ring Stick Up Cam has an advantage of a long lasting battery. The added feature is that you never need to charge it. The ring Solar panel can be plugged directly into the Ring Stick Up Cam, keeping too charged eternally with solar power back up for this mounting Ring Stick Up Cam innovation .Currently Ring is in the process of launching the live view function to all units that allow you to extract streaming video from the Ring Stick Up cam at all times, whether there is an entrance of an invader or just to keep an eye on packages on your doorstep and watching the car you left in the driveway!

The main features of the Ring Stick Up Cam is that it is an easy, fast installation that requires no wiring. You can customize range and zones of motion and adapt it to the area you prefer to monitor. You have access to conveniently review an activity with the video recording. The mounting is easily adjustable and you can acquire the best angle to capture HD quality video. The infrared LED can capture activity all night as well.