Produce a Extremely Broad Position Protection Digital camera

Come with an aged C/CS attach monitoring digital camera laying close to, Would like to create a extremely broad position “fish eye” design protection digital camera for the monitoring program, Should you adhere to these types of actions it is simple to create a seafood attention zoom lens set up from a reasonable cost.

Products Needed Prior to starting

1. Regular C/CS attach container design cctv digital camera two. C/CS zoom lens in order to panel zoom lens adapter (EX: the actual COP-USA LC001) 3. Broad position seafood attention M12 design panel zoom lens (1. 78mm lens) four. 10 — quarter-hour associated with spare time

The first step

Unpack all your numerous cctv elements and obtain all of them arranged as well as easily accessible whenever required.

Second step

In case your C/CS attach protection digital camera currently includes a zoom lens onto it or perhaps a zoom lens limit ensure that you get rid of these types of after which connect the actual zoom lens adapter (LC001) as well as make certain it’s safely stiffened as well as mounted on the actual digital camera. It will very easily mess to the digital cameras zoom lens installation program (make certain to not remove the actual threads).

Third step

Consider your own M12 panel zoom lens (generally 1. 78mm in dimensions with regard to seafood eye) as well as connect this towards the digital camera with the adapter. Make certain it’s safe and never likely to drop away.

Fourth step

Switch on your own cctv digital camera as well as connect this to some cctv keep track of, COMPUTER keep track of, or perhaps a tv as well as change your own cctv zoom lens to attain an effective concentrate as well as image clearness.

Action 5

Attach your own protection digital camera as well as connect this in to your own monitoring program. Voila! At this point you possess a extremely broad position protection digital camera having a seafood attention zoom lens.

This particular seafood attention zoom lens will help you to obtain a good broad position look at of your house or even company and find out a sizable section of exercise. This particular is ideal for comfort shop programs.

These types of actions may also be used to add any type of M12 panel zoom lens for your C/CS attach protection digital camera; it doesn’t particularly need to be the seafood attention cctv zoom lens.

If you’re beginning with the begining all this may usually be achieved for approximately $100 in order to $150. Should you curently have the actual protection digital camera nevertheless this is often carried out for less than $50.

The suggestion to keep price lower would be to request your own monitoring supplier when they possess any kind of b-stock or even clearance purchase C/CS attach video security cameras. Another components required are usually truly inexpensive since it is actually, however, you might be able to conserve about the protection digital camera.