Stay Safe – Plan Before You Dig

When its time start that backyard construction, you should always take the time to do a little research and planning before you dig. From finding a good cable locator to verifying zoning laws, there are steps you should be taking before the shovel hits the dirt.

Zoning and Permits

This is one pre-dig step you really need to take as soon as you have plans in hand. It really only applies to larger projects, like adding a new shed or other building, building a sizable deck or adding a pond. Pulling up sod to make a flower garden isn’t going to need anyone’s permission.

Before you start, get a few drawings and measurements together and visit your local municipal or council office. If everything is fine, you get some peace of mind and can progress with your project. If it turns out that zoning prohibits your construction or that you need certain permits, now you can adjust your plans before things get complicated later. It may be as simple as reducing your shed size by a foot, or moving that retaining wall a few inches farther from the property line.

If you can’t change your plans, you will have to deal with the required permits which will likely involve a fee and the submission of some drawings. They can guide you through the process.

Check Underground

Once the paperwork is under control, you’ll need to start checking on your project site for underground obstacles. This means finding out where pipes and cables may be running under your property. Never assume that’s it’s a safe spot, or that you will just be careful and deal with it when you hit something. Cracking a gas line or cutting an electrical cable is a real hazard that can result in a lot of damage or injury.

Talk to your local utility companies (phone, power, water) and tell them that you are planning a construction project and have to find out where underground lines are. Most utilities have a specific “call before you dig” service that is intended to help you out at no cost. In many states, like New York, it is actually legally required that you call their free service before you dig.

For a little added security, you can also find a company that uses underground radar to check for objects beneath the surface. Utility cables are only one potential risk, and older homes that have had multiple owners over the years can have a lot of things going on in the yard that have nothing to do with official services. A utility company isn’t going to know that a previous owner had run a few pipes out into the yard for a homemade irrigation system or that they had buried some wire to add lights to an old shed.

Actually taking a look can be the best approach rather than just relying on someone else’s official records. This type of service can also help you find natural obstacles, like large pieces of stone, that could hamper your work.

Home Professionals Agree: Window Design is Crucial

When seeking out new windows and doors, there are a number of things that you need to look at to be assured that you’re making the right choice. First of all, efficiency standards have come a long way over the last couple of decades and green housing, environmentally-conscious design, and top-notch engineering are much more available and affordable than they used to be. Architects and interior designers now look specifically to passive homes and advancements in greener technology to get ideas about how to balance minimalistic, beautiful pieces with highly functional, minimal waste design. It’s totally possible to get the best of both worlds when you look for companies like Golden Windows Limited, who make the most of the natural resources surrounding you! Here’s a two-step program to get you started.


1. Declutter

Get rid of all the things you won’t be using in your newly renovated, greener, more efficient home! Taking things to your local thrift store, selling them at a garage sale or simply making sure that nothing that consumes excess energy in your home is thrown out is a great way to start over. Examples include inefficient light-bulbs, appliances that don’t function anymore, faucets or showerheads that drip or waste too much water, and chemical cleaners that are terrible to breathe in and pollute local drains and water systems. These little things make a difference because they all add up, but the sturdiest bits of your home may need replacement too. Old windows and doors, for example, may seem like a chore to get rid of, but they’re probably costing you a fortune in energy bills every month. It’s far worse to hold onto fixtures that are literally sucking your hard-earned dollars out of the house than to invest in a renovation from a reputable place such as Golden Windows, which will pay for itself in a few months.

2. Strategize

Be picky about how you’re going to inhabit your new, greener lifestyle! Don’t pick up the first thing you hear about clean living and run with it; take a little time to do some research and really figure out what you’re going to be willing to do on a daily basis. Lots of people commit to grand schemes such as composting, veganism, and waste-free living without really thinking about whether that is going to be personally sustainable for them. It’s much better to take a step that doesn’t require that much of a shift in your life first and see how you feel than to dive in wholeheartedly but get tired and ditch all your efforts after a couple of weeks. Keep in mind that greener products are usually a little more expensive than others because they’re meant to last, made with more care over a longer a period of time, and generally meet certain national standards to ensure that you’re getting what you pay for. Window renovations are great because they’re a professionally-executed, one-time fix that makes an incredible difference right away.

Plus, when you buy from a green company that makes efforts to reduce waste in their factory processes, partners with other local Canadian organizations, and distributes locally to reduce emissions, like Golden Windows, you can be sure that you’re going to get a great warranty that covers you for as long as the windows are supposed to last.

Kitchen Décor Ideas for White Kitchen

White kitchen does not look clinical or too boring. If you are thinking about make a really significant statement with the kitchen décor white is one color scheme that you can always embrace.

Kitchen is one of the most important areas of our home. It is the place from where we get our fuel for the day. It is also the place where you have to do some tedious tasks. So, the most important thing when you are working there is the ambience and décor of the kitchen that is going to leave some serious impression in your mind and mood.


So, when you are planning the décor of you new kitchen or thinking about the renovation of your older one, think about these ideas. Take a look.

Add the Edge

White is not always clinical, especially when it has the edge of some other exotic touch. Add marble top islands and pop colored furniture in the kitchen. Stark marble white counter top is a best complementary accessory that you can add to your kitchen décor. The high gloss finish and the bright colors can make the kitchen look glamorous.

Clean and Contemporary

Clean doesn’t mean clinical. So, when you are thinking about making a clean style statement make it contemporary. Let the natural lights come in the kitchen with all the big windows. The more light will make your kitchen look livelier. Choose steel finish with your furniture and home appliances. While choosing cabinets, look for high gloss finish and steel handles or details.


Country Touch

Adding the flavor of the country can add a notable amount of warmth in the décor of the kitchen. Add the wooden touch in the décor of the kitchen. Adding the colors like yellow or blue or rich brown can make the kitchen look warmer and welcoming. Adding fabric in these warm color palates can also give your kitchen a beautiful balance.

Bring in Tradition

When you are confused with the décor of your kitchen, the safest choice will be going by the tradition. Add the walnut cabinet in the kitchen that will match up with the white décor because of its richness. Add darkness in the shape of black countertop. It can be beautiful as well as traditional. Adding the sitting arrangements that will perfectly match and complete the walnut cabinet look can make the kitchen look stunning.

Black Accent

Nothing can be as classy as the combination of black and white. Look for black accent or use a paintbrush for the black accent in the inner rims of the cabinets. Shining black countertop can best complete and complement the look. While choosing the delicate details, opt for black or dark gray handles for your kitchen. In such a décor plan, you can invest on the shiny black home appliances.


Go Eco Friendly

If you are thinking that making the kitchen eco friendly will be a really tough job, think again. Adding a little greenery is not really difficult. Add flowers too in the kitchen décor. Keep your windows wide and open. Natural light always has the ability to bring in brightness and good vibes in a room. So, it will not only make your kitchen look bigger and better, it will also lighten up your mood too while cooking. Use pendant lights to complement the décor.

Pair with Red

If you are opting for a kitchen décor that will be bright and cheerful, use the combo of red and white. It is bright, sassy and modern. Opt for the perfect balance with these two different shades. The look that you will achieve is not just bright but chic as well. Opt for clear steel finish while choosing the accessories.

While choosing RTA or stock kitchen cabinet and decoding the décor plan for the space, use these ideas. I am sure you will find them helpful.

How to select an electrician?


Electrical repairing and maintenance is a special job carried out by electricians. No matter how small the household is or how small the job is, the service of a qualified electrician is must to repair the defects since the job requires high level of safety and skill. While looking for electrician in houghton le spring you must ask for qualified and experienced professionals only as a lot of things are on stake at your house.

Choosing a registered electrician is highly essential for the reason that the government authorities have set qualification for registration and an electrician can get registration only if he possesses those qualifications. Also working with a registered electrician gives you an additional protection if things go wrong. So, you shall not have any hesitation in asking the electrician to show the registration certificate in order to clear your doubt. You can avoid the embarrassment, if any, by being polite in your approach. Make sure you see the registration documents yourself before you engage the electrician at work.

Also make a background check about the electrician supply agency regarding their reputation, conduct, quality of service and meeting the delivery deadlines in their past projects. These are essential facts to gather before you even start negotiating with someone because you cannot afford to lose time, money and piece of your mind by falling into a trap.

Take multiple quotes from other vendors around and do a thorough comparison. If there are rates in the quotation for replacement of certain parts, make sure they include spares of standard make at a reasonable price. If the job is relatively big, then you can make a contract for the work, which will make the electrician binding to the clauses and give quality output as per the contract.

If there is still any doubt regarding then you must seek help from friend with knowledge in the field or explore the internet for more ideas and more options.

Awesome Basement Remodeling Ideas Sebring Services


This article was written by Bryan Sebring of Sebring Services, located in Naperville, Illinois providing kitchen, basement, and bathroom remodeling services.

With light streaming in through the many windows and spotting perfectly arranged furniture, the living room makes for a great family space. The kitchen with its warm colors and homely texture is perfect for its function. The bedrooms inject new energy into tired bodies, ready for another long day. But what about the basement, what is it good for?

For too long, the basement has been regarded an unappealing space. So we use it for utilities or as storage for old clothes and memorabilia. But more and more homeowners are realizing the huge potential of the space down below. They are realizing that it is precious real estate with a lot of additional value, financial and otherwise, to offer to their homes. The result is a spike in the number of homeowners interested in turning that underused space into something else.

The first question every homeowner planning a basement remodeling project asks is, what will I turn it into?

The answer to this will depend on a number of factors or rather the unique needs you have in your home. For instance, one homeowner may have trouble housing guests because there are not enough bedrooms. In that case, turning the basement into a guest bedroom is a great idea. Another homeowner may not have enough space for the kids to entertain themselves. They could decide to turn the basement into a kids’ game/craft room.

If you find yourself needing some sanctuary from the chaotic kids, think about creating a woman or man cave in the basement. And if you never get to go out and see the movies as often as you would like, a home cinema in the basement is not such a bad idea.

You decision should also be guided by your budget. Some remodeling ideas will be more expensive to bring to reality than others. A home cinema with an attached bar area will be quite pricey compared to a simple guest bedroom.

If your basement is large enough, consider putting it to more than one use. You could have two bedrooms, a library and a bedroom, a kitchenette and game room and so on. If there is need to divide the rooms, a large sliding barn style door will do the trick.

There are endless ideas on what you can do with your basement space, you can read the full article: 8 awesome basement remodeling ideas, which includes a bonus 8 to get you thinking about what to do with your basement.